North End

Whether referred to as Gladstone Ridge or Wellington Court, the condos in this building are definitely among the best in Halifax’s north end.

Wellington Court?

Where is Wellington Court, you ask….

Well, it is in Gladstone Ridge, and was originally called Gladstone Ridge South.

And that is because it needed to be distinguished from Gladstone Ridge North, which is officially known as “The Westwood.”

Confused yet?

Yeah, so were we….

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Located across the street from the Halifax Commons and almost perfectly located in the centre of the Halifax peninsula, Armoury Square provides its residents with easy access to all of the city’s attractions, along with numerous amenities expected from owners of higher-end condominiums.

“Location, location, location”—a key mantra of real estate professionals!

Well, for those wanting to be in the centre of all things Halifax, Armoury Square is the place to be.

The Citadel? Five blocks.

Quinpool Road? Six blocks.

Public Gardens? Twelve blocks.

Spring Garden Road? Fourteen blocks.

Point Pleasant Park? 3.8 kilometres.

MacKay Bridge? 4.8 kilometres.

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