Wellington Court

Whether referred to as Gladstone Ridge or Wellington Court, the condos in this building are definitely among the best in Halifax’s north end.

Wellington Court?

Where is Wellington Court, you ask….

Well, it is in Gladstone Ridge, and was originally called Gladstone Ridge South.

And that is because it needed to be distinguished from Gladstone Ridge North, which is officially known as “The Westwood.”

Confused yet?

Yeah, so were we….

OK, so Gladstone Ridge is a multi-use development comprised of commercial, retail, apartment, townhouse, and condo buildings, all of which are known as Gladstone Ridge. And while the different components of the development have distinct names, Gladstone Ridge as a name seems to predominate.

And with good reason: the development is popular and successful.

The condos of Wellington Court—more commonly known as Gladstone Ridge South—sold out quickly upon completion of the building in 2008, and continue to sell quickly when they become available. In fact, there was only one available as of the first of March 2012.

Gladstone Ridge North—aka The Westwood—is equally popular. But these units are “apartments.”

You’re not looking for an apartment….

That being said, Condo Nova can keep you in the loop about Wellington Court (or is it Gladstone Ridge South?), or get you in the loop with all the other premier condominiums in HRM.

At a glance:
Location: North End Halifax—2677 Gladstone Street
Structure: 12-storey, postmodern, highrise tower.
Units: 137
Currently Available Unit Sizes: 1,424-square-feet.
Current Asking Prices: One unit at $369,900 as of March 1, 2012.
Current Monthly Condo Fees: $332 for the above mentioned unit.
Estimated Development Cost: N/A
Development Details: Completed in 2008.
Interesting Neighbours: Halifax Forum, Halifax Commons.
Developer: Westwood Developments
Also of interest: Part of the Gladstone Ridge Development, which encompasses residential, commercial and retail development. Originally called Gladstone South, few people actually refer to it by its current name, Wellington Court.

Current Schools:

Oxford Elementary

St. Catherine’s Elementary (French Immersion)

Oxford Junior High

Citadel Senior High

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