Waiting for News in Halifax Condo Development

—June 28, 2017
With a dearth of condo development news in the Halifax region over the past few months, we get excited anytime we catch a whiff of a possible new development rumor or learn that construction of an approved project is about to begin. Unfortunately, it seems that any such potential condo development news of late turns out to be a bust—a case of “nothing to see here, folks.”

Last week we got a bit excited when a noted business publication posted a story about Dartmouth’s Harbor Isle development seeking a new development agreement to build three additional buildings to the three it already has approval to build. This got us thinking that the developers might be poised to begin construction of Seapoint, a 16-storey, 105-unit condo building that marks what may be the first of several Harbour Isle condo buildings (please see Condo Nova’s May 12, 2015 blog—New Condos Planned for Dartmouth Waterfront). We were also intrigued by the article’s suggestion that the three newly proposed 16-storey buildings might be condo buildings.

Well, a quick check with Harbor Isle’s interactive website determined that construction isn’t imminent and no definitive date for Seapoint’s construction has been set yet. As for other condo buildings, “there will eventually be more buildings, but that’s later on down the road.” For now, all efforts are on finalizing the planning for Seapoint.

And, we would surmise, sorting out legal issues and a lawsuit over construction costs for The Hazleton, a completed apartment tower that represents Harbor Isle’s first residential project.

Much like King’s Wharf, Dartmouth’s other mega mixed-use development project, Harbor Isle is an ambitious project that can help reshape the city, as well as its respective Wright’s Cove neighborhood. While the overall project seems to be moving slower than King’s Wharf, Seapoint’s revamped interactive website provides a good glimpse of what a game changer the Harbor Isle project could be.

In other potential condo news, developers for the North End Halifax Stackhouse residential development on Bilby Street have applied to the municipality for a new development agreement that would expand the number of residential units from 32 to 63. The Halifax Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee has recommended that the municipality approve the new agreement, which will be considered by the community council and subject to a public hearing.

For our part, Condo Nova is not going to get excited about this one until the developer determines whether to market the project as condos or apartment rentals.

If you know of any Halifax-area condo news or rumors, please let us know. You can call us directly at 902-476-4663, or send us an email at steve.lumb@tradewindsrealty.com.