A Tale of Two High-Priced Condos—Halifax Versus NYC's Manhattan

—March 19, 2018
Most condo seekers in the Halifax area might balk at the $3.5 million list price of the most expensive condo unit currently offered for sale in the region; however, that paltry $3.5 million price represents pocket change compared to the $180 million someone put down last week to buy what will be the most expensive condo ever sold in New York City.

Now, if you happen to be sitting on a few million dollars or so worth of pocket change, and had been contemplating the purchase of the Halifax area’s most expensive condo, let’s check out what you’ll get for your coins and compare it to what that moneybags in New York City is getting for his multiple dollars.

The Halifax offering consists of a 4,200 square foot penthouse unit with 360 degree views of the city and Halifax harbour, from both inside and from three terraces and three balconies adding an additional 1,000 square feet of space. The sixth-floor Bishop’s Landing unit comes with four parking spots and all of the amenities offered by the condo corporation. The entire sixth floor has been gutted and awaits the buyer as a blank canvas for a complete personalized design and renovation makeover. And all for only a modest $3.5 million. 

Come up with another $177 million or so, and you could perhaps compete for the five-storey, 12,500 square-foot unit at the luxury Crown Building on Manhattan’s 730 Fifth Avenue. If that’s a bit too pricey for your budget, the cheapest unit in the building, a 1,150-square-foot unit, is being offered at just under $6 million.

We’re not quite sure what you get with the cheaper unit, but the Penthouse reportedly features a piano lounge, gallery, game room two kitchens, wraparound terrace, two swimming pools and a dedicated elevator. The owner will also have the privilege of gazing across the street at Trump Tower, and have bragging rights in that the Crown unit is several thousand square feet larger than Pres. Trump’s 10,996-square-foot triplex unit (however, the Trump unit is on higher floors and likely contains more gold trim).

The Bishop’s Landing unit isn’t being promoted with any “bragging rights,” but it does come with among some of the best waterfront views in Halifax.