A Bit of Windblown Condo News During an Otherwise Quiet Halifax Winter

—February 17, 2017
Well, condo aficionados and others who like to keep abreast of all things condo in the Halifax area, there certainly has been a lack of condo-related news of late. In fact, the dearth of Halifax-related condo news even has the sound of crickets going silent. Or perhaps that’s just a factor of it being winter in Nova Scotia.

Anyhow, CondoNova is pleased to now be able to report a little bit of Halifax area condo news. In fact, we could have reported on this “news” back in January, but at the time didn’t feel it was that newsworthy, did not want to shine a potentially negative light on what we see as a positive condo development, and figured that other condo news would soon emerge.

We still don’t feel that this condo “news” is particularly newsworthy; a positive outcome has emerged from this potentially negative news; and, no other interesting Halifax condo news has emerged.

Therefore, in the interest of reporting some kind of condo news, we are now happy to report that the developers and construction workers of the 22-storey luxury condominium building on downtown Granville Street—The Roy—have been absolved of any blame for the construction debris that was blown onto the streets below during a January wind storm. After a three-week investigation into the Jan. 25 incident, during which construction debris rained down from the site onto Barrington Street, the Nova Scotia Labor Department determined that the builders had taken all appropriate steps to ensure public safety prior to the event, and secured the site in timely fashion as soon as the problem was reported.

The incident had caused the closure of Barrington Street for more than 12 hours after a piece of concrete formwork at the site became dislodged and a sheet of plywood, among other materials became airborne. The incident did not result in any excessive delays in the project’s timeline, and with the Department of Labor findings, none of the principals involved in construction will be assessed any penalties.